Just Stretch

Welcome to Just Stretch®, a one-on-one assisted stretching program designed to target tight tissues from head to toe. 30 and 60min sessions are available to relieve the tension and stress built up within us. Developed by Dr. Chris Oswald and Physiotherapist Colby Bucci with insight from our clinical team, this protocol has the scientific backing to be safe and effective! 


The Just Stretch® protocol is designed to be therapeutic, relaxing, and comfortable for the patient. The instructing therapist will guide you into various stretching positions while applying what we refer to as “over-pressure”, meaning a gentle assist into an even deeper stretch. You should expect to feel an entire body release of tension and stress, leaving the session with a relaxed mind and feeling very limber and energized.


Of course, everyone can benefit from the Just Stretch® protocol. The great thing about this stretching program is that it can be tailored to specific body types, occupations, or injuries. Our instructors are trained to monitor and identify areas of increased tension, injury, or concern and how to modify the program accordingly. This allows each position to be comfortable and beneficial to relaxing tight muscles and even nerve tension.


Currently our Physiotherapist Colby Bucci, and our Chiropractors Dr. Merrill Ong and Dr. Myles Dalton are certified to deliver the JustStretch program.

Dr. Chris Oswald and Physiotherapist Colby Bucci introduced JustStretch to Massage Envy (America's largest massage therapy company) and they are now delivering the protocol in all of their 1,200 salons nation-wide!

What Makes It Different From Other Stretch Programs?

JustStretch is Doctor and Therapist designed with the patient experience coming first. The verbal therapy component of the stretch is like no other session, the therapist and patient keep clear communication outlining and discussing every muscle being stretched and how it relates back to real life. The certification process also requires instructors to hold chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy degrees, or be trained in yoga or personal training. Each instructor must pass both a written and practical component to be able to deliver the session safely and effectively.


Whether you are receiving stretch from our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor, the session is covered under your health benefits!

Try a session today and feel the release and relaxation that JustStretch can offer!