Warren Schoeppe

personal trainer


Warren Schoeppe has been in the health and fitness industry for over 40 years. He is a certified trainer in Canada and the USA. Warren trains in “Body Balance 1,2,3”, Power Lifting, Body Building, Athletics Performance Training, Functional Anatomy, Yoga, and has been a certified Medical Exercise Trainer for 22 years. His broad knowledge in functional anatomy has enabled him to work in close association with doctors and therapists to ensure the best pathway to a pain free, flexible and strong body. His fitness interest began at 5 years old when he started competitive swimming. In his youth he participated in baseball, soccer, hockey, and football, which he played at the University of Alberta, where he majored in science. At 16 he started ballet, which lead him on another path, one of Yoga, Pilates, and Shaolin. Shaolin monks introduced him to using his mind to control his body.


In 1989, Warren and Partners opened a gym in the east end of Toronto. This experience was to have a profound impact on Warren as he witnessed clients struggle with the whole fitness model. Lack of consistency tended to be the problem! With his background in physics and mechanical engineering Warren created “The System” based on how we adapt to the effects of the Earth’s gravity on a daily basis. True health and fitness is based on the mental discipline of consistency. Warren trains several patients at The Centre for Fitness, Health, and Performance, Including Dr. Oswald. The System is simple and easy to do. Sessions can be done Private, Semi-Private, or Family Step 1 takes 95 seconds and will start you on your pathway to a pain-free, energetic body in balance.


The private studio is located at 2033 Yonge Street, north of Davisville.

Warren can be reached at warrenschoeppe@gmail.com or (416) 885-3239